Primary Care Services Specialist

Primary Care Services Q & A

What primary services do you offer?

Primary care services are broadly related to:
Health promotion Health maintenance
Preventive care Disease prevention
Counseling Patient education
Ongoing management of acute and chronic illnesses

What do you specialize in?

As a primary care physician, Dr. Khalil focuses on everyday care for every member of the family. He offers family medicine services, including: Routine physicals School and sports physicals, In-office ultrasounds, Flu shots, and more. Dr. Khalil is your first line of care for any ailment, including acute sick visits.

Why are school and sports physicals so important?

School and sports physicals are mandatory in most school systems. School physicals are used to ensure your student is healthy and ready to participate in many of the different activities the school offers. This includes checking their vision to make sure they can see the chalkboard/whiteboard and read the materials that are presented to them. A sports physical is used to guarantee that the student is physically fit enough to participate in any strenuous activity that is associated with the sport in which they’re interested in. Dr. Khalil checks to make sure their muscles and bones are developing properly and that they have no injury-inducing illnesses.

What is preventive health care?

Preventive health care is any health service designed to prevent disease, illness, or other health problems. Preventive health care involves screenings, immunizations, patient counseling, and check-ups. The types of screenings, immunizations, and counseling you receive during a preventive care physical depend on your age, sex, and health history. For example, if you suffer from a chronic condition, part of preventive care for you is chronic care management. By managing your chronic condition, you can prevent worsening symptoms or complications. Likewise, by getting your child a flu shot every year, you protect them not only from developing the flu but also from developing additional health problems. Children, seniors, and people with compromised immune systems are especially susceptible to complications from the flu. Your health and the health of your children are important. Keep the whole family healthy by visiting Dr. Khalil at Phoenix Family Medical Care and Advanced Medical Aesthetics. Book your appointment over the phone or via the convenient online booking tool today.